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1. As you reflect on what you've learned over the past 5 weeks, share at least one new thing or concept you've learned. The learning can come from the text, the papers, or interactions with each other. An added plus is to know how, potentially, you've applied what you've learned in the workplace or in other places.

2. Pick a unique online store

Do you do any online shopping? If so, with what company? This DQ deals with doing business with a 'virtual' organization. Some companies may have actual store locations AND do business online. For this DQ, please answer the following questions. As always, please scan ALL THE ANSWERS to ensure that you're not writing about a company that's already posted.

1. What's the name of the company?

2. What product or service did you purchase?

3. Did you receive what you thought you bought? Meaning, was what you saw online...what you ended up receiving?

4. What did you think about the company's website? What worked or did not work?

5. If you encountered any issues, were you able to resolve them online?

6. Based on your online experience, would you do business online, again, with this merchant/provider?

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