What pressure is required to boil water at 393 k

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In a chemodynamics laboratory an experiment involving the activity of sediment dwelling worms in a small aquarium was found to be seriously affected for a few days. The problem was traced to bacterial growth arising from dirty glassware. Bacteria can survive even in boiling water at atmospheric pressure. However, literature data suggested that they can be effectively destroyed at 393 K. What pressure is required to boil water at 393 K to clean the glassware? The heat of vaporization of water is 40.6 kJ/mol.

Reference no: EM131292846

What problems can you see arising from such a scheme

Imagine instead that the task had been left to the various national central banks, each of which was allowed to issue as much of the European currency as it liked and to con

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A city engineer knows that she will need 25 million in 3 years to replace toll booths on a toll road in the city. Traffic on the road is estimated to be 20 million vehicles

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You learn that the demand curve facing a monopolist can be written as P = 100 - 5Q, and the monopolist's marginal costs are constant at MC = 60. There are no fixed costs. Wr

What is the expected change in the quantity demanded

for Product X. Qx = 10,000 - 100 Px + 0.5 Y - 1000 r (3,000) (20) (0.3) (105) Where Qx is the quantity demanded of Product X, Px is the price of X, Y is income, and r is the

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Suppose the Federal Reserve's trading desk buys $500,000 in T-bills from a securities dealer who then deposits the Fed's check in Best National Bank. Use a balance sheet to

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Consider an economy in which the marginal labor MPN is MPN= 309-2N, where N is the amount of labour used. The amount of labor supplied, NS, is given by NS=22+12w+2T, where w

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Under what circumstances would people find this index to be as useful as or more useful than the Consumer Price Index in measuring how their true cost of living changes over

Who does the saving that is required

When General Motors devotes $1 billion to new investment (e.g., building new factories, warehouses, offices), who does the saving that is required? Stockholders? Workers? Th


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