What pressure is exerted by box where it rests

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Q1. Serious and potential unseen problems arise in development of transgenic organism. The suggestions made in the article that each new transgenic organism should be examined on a case by case basis. Such examination would be costly and it would be tricky to ensure that all unforseen consequence was examined. Given issues discuss whether you believe society should continue to invest in the use of transgenic organism, justify your position.

Q2. Bottom of a box has a surface area of 31.4 cm2. The mass of the box is 47.1 kilograms. Acceleration due to gravity at sea level is 9.80 m/s2. What pressure is exerted by box where it rests?

Reference no: EM136801

Which statement is most accurate concerning

Which statement is most accurate concerning how photosystem II (PS II) compares to the electron transport chain (ETC) of mitochondria? A) In both systems, ATP is produced by

Two people using breathing gear under water

Imagine that you have two people using breathing gear under water. Diver 1 is using an old style "rebreather" that removes carbon dioxide before the mixture is "rebreathed"

Find the phenotypes and frequencies of the offspring

Think about the following two unlinked genes in the poisonous plant, Jimson Weed. The dominant allele  V  produces violet petals while the recessive allele  v  produces wh

Question about parkinson disease

PC12 cells produce dopamine and so they may be useful in treating Parkinson's disease (when dopamine is missing). One approach would be to encapsulate PC12 cells inside a sphe

How many f2 plants of each of four phenotypes do you expect

Two genes of a flower, one controlling blue (B) versus white (b) petals and the other controlling round (R) versus oval (r) stamens, are linked and are 10 map units apart.

How many genotypic classes could be generated

In the F2 generation, how many genotypic classes could be generated from dihybride cross of two F1 heterozygous in which the gene show complete dominance.(PLEASE EXPLAIN)

Relationship between two different groups of snakes

Imagine you are a scientist trying to determine the evolutionary relationship between two different groups of snakes.The first group of snakes lives in North America , the s

What might this flat ph profile suggest about the amino acid

Some enzymes like papain have a very flat pH profile i.e. they have nearly the same activity over a very broad pH range. what might this flat pH profile suggest about the am


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