What potential legal and ethical issues could arise

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1. Explain ways in which the use of MS Excel as a tool for interpreting data can be used by a manager of an organization.

2. Provide some examples in which research results would be communicated to other members of the company. Explain how the research would be communicated and what technology would be used to demonstrate the results and analysis.

3. What potential legal and ethical issues could arise if the information gained in this survey was used to create an ideal profile of characteristics that the company looked for when hiring employees?

Reference no: EM1368824

Role model of multicultural leadership characteristics

Select a current global business leader who is an excellent role model of essential global and multicultural leadership characteristics.

Unemployment and inflation

Imagine that you have a fixed 30-year interest rate for your mortgage, and the economy has experienced unanticipated inflation. Examine who the winner and loser would be. Is

Compare firewall locations on a network

Compare firewall locations on a network and discuss your opinion on the best place to locate a firewall. Consider that multiple firewalls could be beneficial or a hindrance.

Perform a swot analysis of the company''s decision

Describe how quality can be measured in an environment such as the one in which the company currently operates (the passenger tire market). In other words, what constitutes

Research methodology of the article

After reading the journal article by Geerts & Veg-Sala, assess and critique it with respect to its value and usefulness for business executives. How would you change the pur

Creating your own demand schedule

Bryan loves to buy CDs to add to his growing music collection. He has a part-time job and shops for them on a weekly basis. At $20.00 per CD, he will purchase 1 CD. At $15.0

What is a project and what is a new process-procedure

One of your employees is confused about what is a project and what is a new process/procedure.  She has given you a list of changes going on at your facility and asked you t

Market supply and demand curves

Suppose the market supply and demand curves for wheat are as follows (prices are in dollars, quantities in millions of bushels):PS = .02 QS , PD = 3 - .01 QDThe government i


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