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Write a short essay on the use of economic principles to analyse agricultural and environmental problems.

Choose a problem and then follow these sections:

a) Describe the problem, and its causes, in popular terms; b)Describe the problem, and its causes, in economic terms; c)Using economic terms describe what policies might resolve the problem the full instruction are there to help you wth refereces.


Be sure to use diagrams of supply and demand curves to identify problems and analyse the causes in (b). Also use diagrams to illustrate your answer in (c).

The marking schedule will be 5 marks for part (a), 10 for part (b), and 5 for part (c), and 5 for presentation. The 5 for presentation includes 2 for "other material".

Concentrate on the use of economic principles, rather than the principles of some other discipline, or no discipline at all.


Reference no: EM13153571

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