What policies in organization for gender disparities used

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Please address a brief 1 page discussion citing the references below including references page in APA format.

Note: Please address it from a nursing view

Power Dynamics

What does power look like? Sound like? Feel like?

In this Discussion, you examine a situation involving demonstrations of power and consider various influences on the power dynamics. You also propose strategies for enhancing an individual's power base to be more efficacious in interactions.

To prepare: Organizational, Political and Personal Power

Types of power: reward, punishment or coercive, legitimate, expert, referent, charismatic and informational power

· Think about various situations within your organization or one with which you are familiar. Which types of power have you observed in these situations? As a focus for this Discussion, select one situation in which multiple types of power were displayed.

· Consider whether gender may have had an influence on the dynamics or outcome of the situation. What policies, standards, or other strategies have been used in your organization to address negative gender-related perceptions of power and/or gender disparities? What other factors (e.g., race, language issues, education) do you think may have affected the power dynamics in this situation?

· What strategies would you recommend for one or more of the individuals involved in this situation to promote a more effective personal power base?

Reference no: EM13789733

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