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Q1. An alien DNA- like molecule is isolated from frozen remains of a life- form found beneath the Martian polar ice caps. In this example, for every base designated Q, there is twice that amount of base R; for every base Z, there is twice that amount of base S. If molecule contains 33.33 percent R, what percentage of Z would you expect?

Q2. Green olives may be preserved in brine, which is a 20 to 30 percent salt solution. How does this process prevent contamination by microorganisms?

Reference no: EM137054

How do expectations of sex and gender contribute to conflict

How do expectations of sex and gender contribute to conflict? Identify and discuss ways that men and women tend to differ in their approach to conflict. What role does relatio

Dna repair pathways

Assume you have made a collection of mutant fruit flies that aredefective in several aspects of DNA repair. You test each mutantfor its hypersensitivity to 3-DNA damaging agen

What is enlightened exceptionalism

Explain how certain rhetoric can be used in a way that illustrates color-blind racism. You can explain some of the phrases Bonilla Silva uses (e.g. "I am not prejudiced but.

Describe the normal day-to-day operation of heart valves

Describe the normal day-to-day operation of heart valves. Research the internet to determine, why heart valves have to beoccasionally replaced. Research to provide a clear des

Write paper on genetically modified crop plants

Gene technology carries with it social and ethical implications-many of which engender personal views and discussion. Select one (1) of the following biotechnology topics to w

Nervous system takes the information received

Andy has decided to seek medical help formood disturbances and appetite problems. Which neurotransmitter ismost likely involved in the problems Andy isexperiencing? Which pa

Produce changes in allele frequency

Populations evolve, not individuals. Evolution means that over time, allele frequencies within a population change. What are the four evolutionary mechanisms or forces that pr

How numerous map units are they apart

How many 10 micrometer yeast cells could fit across the field. In a guinea pig, black is dominant to brown, and solid colour is dominant to spotted. A heterozygous black, soli


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