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1. Sheppard and Kaylee both think they are the better baker. They decide to run an experiment to test who is better with their friend Mal as the determining factor. Each made a large batch of cupcakes and left it out in the kitchen. They saw that Mal ate 15 of Sheppard's cupcakes and 20 of Kaylee's over the course of the week.

a. What is the expected value ratio under the assumption of the generalized empirical matching law?

b. Unknown to Sheppard and Kaylee, Mal has a bias of 1.4 toward the pink food coloring Kaylee used in her cupcake. What is the actual valuation ratio of Sheppard and Kaylee's cupcakes accounting for Mal's bias?

c. Give examples of 2 ways Sheppard can change how reinforcing his cupcakes are to make Mal value his cupcakes more.

2. Sheppard and Kaylee carried out their experiment observing behaviors of the entire several friends. Below is a chart of the number of cupcakes eaten by all of their and the survey they took afterwards of what each of their friends thought about their cupcakes.

a. Plot the valuation against behavior ratio for each of Sheppard and Kaylee's friends.

b. What pattern can you observe from the plot? Explain.

c. Solve for the quantitative number of the pattern you observed in 2b.

3. Sheppard is unhappy with the results their experiment. So he wants to change Mal's behavior. If the total rate of reinforcement for all other behaviors for Mal is at 127 units of happiness, how much units of happiness does his cupcakes have his cupcakes have reinforce to produce 60% of total behavior?

Reference no: EM131215621

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