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Source of Conflict

Using 12 font, in text citing in APA format write a 4-5 page answering the below questions given the following information.

A manager caught between a rock and hard place. Nick Cunningham is a manager at Synergon, a high powered company involved in purchasing poorly managed companies and then restructuring them to become more profitable. However, Synergon has now purchased Beauchamp, Becker, and Company which is a well-managed and highly profitable company.

Nick is in an awkward position because he is in charge of managing this merger, but he also knows that the success of the merger is dependent on Beauchamp's managing director and other top leaders remaining in their positions and continuing their solid work. However, Nick's bosses are not known for taking a conciliatory approach towards companies they purchase and usually force major changes on any company that they acquire. Predictably, Nick is faced with a threat of retirement by Beauchamp's managing director Julian Mansfield due to Synergon's strict policies and approach.

Look at this following article and think about how the concepts from the background materials apply to this fictional case:

Cliffe, S. (1999). Can This Merger Be Saved? Harvard Business Review, 77(1), 28-44.

1. Do you think this conflict that Nick Cunningham faces is functional or dysfunctional? Explain your reasoning, and cite Sims (2002) or Luthans et al. (2015) in your answer.

2. What is the source of this conflict? Use the terminology from the Pearson tutorial, Sims (2002), or Luthans et al. (2015) in your answer. For example, is this conflict a result of relationship/interpersonal issues? Or from tasks/roles? Other?

3. Of the five styles of conflict management which one do you think would be the best approach for Nick Cunningham to take?

4. What other advice would you give Nick Cunningham based on the concepts discussed in Sims (2002) or Luthans et al. (2015)?

The following two readings are especially important:

Luthans, F., Luthans, K. W., & Luthans, B. C. (2015). Chapter 9: Stress and conflict. Organizational behavior: An evidence-based approach. Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing, pp. 258-264.

Sims, R. (2002). Chapter 10 Conflict and negotiation at work. Managing Organizational Behavior. Greenwood Press Westport, CT.

Reference no: EM131263630

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