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Fruit color in pumpkins is controlled by the amount of a particular enzyme present. Two copies of the orange allele produce enough enzyme to show the typical orange color in pumpkins. One copy of the orange allele and one copy of the white allele results in a lighter shade, yellow. Two copies of the white allele does not produce any enzyme, which results in a white pumpkin. What mode of inheritance does this enzyme gene follow?

Reference no: EM132279942

Imagine you were to construct a synthetic rna

Suppose you were to construct a synthetic RNA from a repeating dinucleotide AGAGAGAGAG and then use it as a messenger to synthesize a polypeptide in an invito system. What k

Natural selection favoring the ability to learn

What parental investment conditions should females and males have equal ability to learn? When should females exhibit greater learning abilities than males? When should male

Does the animal have any natural enemies

Explain how the animal is able to defend itself. (How does the animal use its habitat to defend and protect itself and its family?) What special features or behaviors does t

What does uv light do to a cell

Environmental Carcinogens mutagens and other environmental carcinogens UV light organic solvents high energy radiation asbestos tobacco smoke others factors? What does UV ligh

What is the effect of uncoupling photosystem

what is the effect of uncoupling photosystem 1 from photosystem 2 on the hill reaction and why? how can this be used to develop chemical herbicides? how can this be used to

Why lizards often lie in the sun in the mourning

Some species of lungfish breathe only air; they have no gills, and will drown if forced underwater. Why might it be an advantage for lungfish to breathe air even though they

Environment of formation by looking

What information can be gained about the environment of formation by looking at a rock? How do rocks give us information about the history of the Earth? Can you think of a

Gram positive alkalinophile that grows at a ph = 10

You isolate a Gram positive alkalinophile that grows at a pH = 10. At this external pH, the intracellular pH is maintained at 7.3. Using the equation proton motive force (pmf)


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