What might be the disadvantages of allowing unlimited access

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Read this short paragraph, then simply answer the two questions below.

Employers can use a number of products to monitor their employees' use of the Internet. These products report an employee's access of non-business related websites. Advocates insist that these products conserve network resources, make workers more productive, and discourage downloading of objectionable material. Opponents maintain, however, that determining business-related sites often is a matter of opinion. In addition, the time spent at home on work-related issues more than balances any office non-business Internet use. Companies have devised a range of Internet policies, from strict limitations on personal use to reliance on employee's discretion.

1. Consider that you are responsible for deciding if there should be limitations on an employee's access to the Internet at work for your company and explain what your decision would be as well as why you would make that choice.
2. What might be the disadvantages of allowing unlimited access? What might be the advantages? 

Reference no: EM13732845

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