What methods are used to numerically summarize the data

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Do you think the sample in this study is representative of population(s) of interest you identified? If the study investigates the relationship between two variables, can a cause­and­effect relationship be concluded if the results of the analysis are significant? Justify your answer.

What methods are used to numerically summarize the data? Do not provide the numerical summaries here. You will do this in the next section.

What methods are used, if any, to graphically display the data? Do not describe the graphical summaries here. You will do this in the next section.

What methods are used to analyze your data? You must specifically identify the type of hypothesis test that is performed. Be specific. (For example, if a two­sample hypothesis test is conducted for a difference in population means, be sure to specify whether unequal variances are assumed, equal variances are assumed (pooled t­test), or a paired t­test is conducted. Do not perform the hypothesis test here. You will do this in the next section.

Results: ?This section should summarize the results of the one hypothesis test performed in the article that you've chosen to focus on.

*Include numerical summaries of the data corresponding to the hypothesis test.

*Describe any graphical summary (or summaries) of the data that correspond to the hypothesis test.

*Include all six steps of hypothesis test that was conducted.

Conclusions/Future Research

Clearly state the main conclusions of the article. Do not copy the conclusions directly from the article; paraphrase them in your own words.

Identify at least one limitation or bias of the study described in the article. [4]

Discuss how you think the methods in the article could feasibly be improved. If you don't think improvement is possible, explain why you feel this way.[5]

Reference - Article: Students' Perceptions of College Classroom Connectedness, Assimilation, and Peer Relationships by Michael Sollitto, Zac D. Johnson & Scott A. Myers.

Reference no: EM131035518

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