What medications can be used to treat cholecystitis

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Question: Mary Cohen is a 50-year-old white female with a history of gallstones and episodic abdominal pain. She presented to the emergency department this afternoon after experiencing right upper quadrant abdominal pain approximately one hour after eating a fatty meal. She was diagnosed with Cholecystitis and admitted for probable cholecystectomy.

Health histories and physical assessments: Gastrointestinal system

Simcare Center activities: a-Head-to-toe assessments

Please keep in mind you will also be required to recognize a variety of signs and symptoms linked to abnormalities in these skills.

1. What is Cholecystitis and the common signs and symptoms associated with it?

2. Describe nursing education that should accompany a patient with Cholecystitis.

3. What medications can be used to treat and/or alleviate Cholecystitis?

Please use apa format and include references less than 5 years old

Reference no: EM132280916

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