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We studied stereotypes which may be either positive or negative and, furthermore, may be accurate or unfounded in reality based on the individual or the culture or group. Two types of stereotypes were reviewed: Autostereotypes - or the beliefs that you have about your own group - and Heterostereotypes- or the beliefs that you have about those outside your group.

Take a few moments to think about your own culture or social group which you belong to or one which you align with based on your lifespan development or affiliation.

Name that group in your response.

Explain why you cite this group.

Autostereotypes: In a few sentences describe the characteristics which highlight, underscore or define the group or culture which may be unique to your group. It may be helpful for you to list the characteristics.

Heterostereotypes: Now define another group which is the polar opposite in characteristics to the group you initially selected you belong. It may be helpful for you to list the characteristics.

Example: A great example is you selected the group of women because your gender is a woman. Now you would select men.

Compare your notes on the polar opposite group from the one you claim ownership as your own.

Write a few points of comparison.

Write a few points of contrast.

What are your observations, beliefs and what may be your stereotypes? Explain fully.

Reference no: EM131097315

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