What kind of leadership do you believe would best benefit
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Consider the characteristics of the ideal human service organization that you and your team members designed.

Write a 1,400-to 1,750-word paper that answers the following questions:

What kind of leadership do you believe would best benefit the ideal human service organization?

How did you come to this conclusion, given factors that comprise this human service program and qualities and characteristics of the staff?

What leadership traits, competencies, and theories would be most appropriate for the ideal leader of your ideal agency?

From a systems perspective, what is the organizational force that binds and energizes each element and function of human service management?

What are the salient managerial elements or subsystems (six functions) that work together to contribute to the efficacy of your ideal human service organization?

What is leadership''s role in this conceptual framework for human service management?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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Human Services is an interdisciplinary, knowledge based field which focus on the prevention and remediation of the problems of human society, catering to the objective of meeting human needs and maintaining and even enhancing the overall life quality of service populations. Their mission is to work simultaneously at all levels of society such as civic engagement, education, health promotion and promoting the autonomy of individuals for a positive social change in the society. (Bolman et al., 2011).

Child welfare social work is a field that makes sure that that the needs of children are taken care of. Some children unlike the most of them, does not have a happy childhood with loving parents and a happy home. They, instead, have to cope with the problems of poverty, abuse, neglect, and alcohol and drug addiction. . The child welfare society works with the best of interest of all children in mind. They work hard to protect and full fill the needs of the children and provide them with a better living standard so that they grow up to be a better individual. Then there are organisation for the elderly which assists many seniors with living facilities and nursing homes, clinical social workers, social assistants and mental health counsellors. Some individuals want for even the basic necessities including food, shelter, health care and appropriate clothing. (Armstrong et al., 2014).

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