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Complete tasks 1-4 for that mini-case Sydney's Logistics is a growing business that specializes in providing business services that many small firms do not have the expertise, the space or the resources to handle on their own. These services include warehouse receiving and storage, intermodal systems, and ISO-certified packaging, among others.

Sydney's recently redesigned its computer system to reduce costs and achieve faster, more accurate information about its operations. At this point, the new system is ready for implementation.

Two systems analysts will plan a modular design, and several and several programmers will code the modules. tasks

1. What issues should the systems analysts and programmers discuss before they proceed?

2. As a systems analyst on this project, how would you describe your primary responsibilities, and how could you contribute to the quality of the finished product?

3. As a programmer, how would you describe your primary responsibilities, and how could you contribute to the quality of the finished product?

4. Will the use of structure charts be beneficial during this stage of development? Discuss the ad- vantages of structure charts compared with flowcharts and pseudocode.

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Reference no: EM13761833

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