What is your total return on this investment

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One year ago, you purchased 300 shares of Sith Brothers, Inc., at $51.64 a share. The stock paid a total of $660 in dividends during the year. Today, you sold your shares for $52.08 share. What is your total return on this investment?

Reference no: EM13727318

What is pretax cost of debt and cost of equity capital

MV corporation has debt with Market value of $100 million, common equity with a book value of $100 million, and preferred stock woth $20 million outstanding. Avicorp has a $10

What is economic order quantity

ABC Company sells 4,643 chairs a year at an average price per chair of $147. The carrying cost per unit is $16.67. The company orders 500 chairs at a time and has a fixed orde

Environmental effects be dealt with when evaluating project

An electric utility is considering a new power plant in northern Arizona. Power from the plant would be sold in the Phoenix area, where it is badly needed. Because the firm ha

Calculate the depreciation expense

You are given the following information for Gandolfino Pizza Co.: sales = $42,000; costs = $21,300; addition to retained earnings = $7,250; dividends paid = $1,200; interest e

How much should firm be willing to pay to eliminate float

A mail-order firm processes 4,300 checks per month. Of these, 60 percent are for $33 and 40 percent are for $65. The $33 checks are delayed two days on average; the $65 checks

Calculate the EAC for each machine

Vandelay Industries is considering the purchase of a new machine for the production of latex. Machine A costs $3,138,000 and will last for six years. Variable costs are 40 per

Bonds issued elsewhere often have annual coupon payments

Even though most corporate bonds in the United States make coupon payments semi-annually, bonds issued elsewhere often have annual coupon payments. Suppose a German company is

What is the firms return on assets

A firm has a profit margin of 11.1% on sales of 95,213,909. If the firm has debt of $7,500,000, total assets of 431,244,088, and an after tax interest cost on total debt of 5%


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