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Question 1: Sam, age 78, presents to the clinic with respiratory symptoms. His pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are as follows: a normal total lung capacity, a decreased PaO2, and an increased PaCO2. On assessment, you auscultate coarse crackles and forced expiratory wheezes. What is your diagnosis?
Chronic bronchitis

Question 2: You are using the CURB-65 clinical prediction tool to decide whether Mabel whom you have diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) should be hospitalized or could be treated at home. Her score is 3. What should you do?
Consider home treatment.
Plan for a short inpatient hospitalization.
Closely supervise her outpatient treatment.
Hospitalize and consider admitting her to the intensive care unit (ICU).

Question 3: Marci has been started on a tuberculosis (TB) regimen. Because isoniazid (INH) may cause peripheral neuropathy, you consider ordering which of the following drugs prophylactically?

Question 4: Nathan, a 32-year-old policeman, has a 15-pack year history of smoking and continues to smoke heavily. He gets irate during every visit when you try to talk to him about quitting. What should you do?
Just hand him literature about smoking cessation at every visit.
Wait until he is ready to talk to you about quitting.
Just document in the record that he is not ready yet.
Continue to ask him at every visit if he is ready yet.

Question 5: Your patient has decided to give Chantix a try to quit smoking. You are discussing his quit date, and he will begin taking the medicine tomorrow. When should he plan to quit smoking?
He should stop smoking today.
He should stop smoking tomorrow.
His quit date should be in 1 week.
He will be ready to quit after the first 30 days.

Question 6: Your patient is on Theobid for his asthma. You want to maintain his serum levels between:
0 to 5 µg/mL.
5 to 10 µg/mL.
5 to 15 µg/mL.
10 to 20 µg/mL.

Reference no: EM131013607

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