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Leadership Reflection

Details of task:

Provide an overall concluding discussion of the course which draws together your major observations about leadership as studied during the semester. This exercise should be written in the first person (I did, I learned, I will). Take your leadership definition from week one and discuss how your ideas have changed or been reinforced over the semester. What is your definition of leadership now? What have you learned about leadership through this subject that is of benefit to you and/or your organisation? What implications do your studies of leadership have for you in the future? What more do you need to learn or do? How will you develop your own leadership knowledge and skills? Do not merely summarise each week's readings. Instead, explain how the readings, class activities, discussions, films, and your observations have helped you understand and apply leadership concepts to your work or life experiences and/or goals, and where you will go from here to learn more and become a better leader. Where are your developmental opportunities? How will you improve where improvement is needed?

Word limit: 2000 words


Presentation requirements:

Although you need to write in the first person, this is an academic essay and should be referenced in the normal manner.

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Reference no: EM13849686

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