What is un-usual about james condition

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James began having panic attacks immediately after his mother died suddenly. As they became more frequent, he began to fear going into public situations where they might occur. Now he is unable to leave his apartment and has others go out to shop for him. What is un-usual about James' condition?

Reference no: EM13197716

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A dispute in the French royal court is described about whether Poussin or Rubens was the better painter. Take a painting by each, either from our book or a Website below, an

Delinquency prevention program

From the e-Activity, identify at least two (2) factors that contribute to a delinquency prevention program's success. Specify the primary manner in which these types of progra

What is the doctrine of continual creation

Theodore defends the doctrine of continual creation against objections by aristes and argues that this doctrine entails the truth of occasionalism. What is the doctrine of c


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