What is the total profit at the optimal output level

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Suppose that you can sell as much of a product (in integer units) as you like at $61 per unit. Your marginal cost (MC) for producing the qth unit is given by: MC=9q This means that each unit costs more to produce than the previous one (e.g., the first unit costs 9*1, the second unit (by itself) costs 9*2, etc.). If fixed costs are $50, what is the optimal output level? Please specify your answer as an integer. Also, assume that a competitive firm has the total cost function: TC = 1q3 - 40q2 + 710q + 1700 Suppose the price of the firm's output (sold in integer units) is $550 per unit. Using tables (but not calculus) to find a solution, what is the total profit at the optimal output level? Please specify your answer as an integer.

Reference no: EM131172829

Change in interest rate does not shift the supply of bonds

Household wealth affects the equilibrium yield on bonds due to its impact on. A change in the interest rate does not shift the supply of bonds. A change in the interest rate d

What happens to the mrs

what is the marginal utility of X? If a consumer moves downward along an indifference curve, what happens to the marginal utilities of X and Y? What happens to the MRS?

What bundle will the consumer consume

Currently, the price of consuming housing x1 is lowered by the fact that home mortgage interest is tax deductible. Suppose the government proposed to eliminate this implicit s

What are soft laws

What are soft laws? What are the advantages and disadvantages of soft laws? Why are soft laws sometimes the outcome of negotiations on global environmental regimes?

What are economic arguments against the rule of capture

Describe the rule of capture including the seminal case in which it was first articulated? In the context of trapping foxes from which this case arose, does the rule of captur

Determine total demand for plumbers in new york

Wages are specified as dollars per hour of work and L represents number of workers per day. Determine total demand for plumbers in New York.

Are innovative product-service offerings ethically neutral

Are innovative product and service offerings ethically neutral? Consider Napster and the intellectual property issues associated with swapping music over the Internet as an ex

Saving obtained-eliminating present equipment and labor cost

The management of a private hospital is considering the installation of an automatic telephone switchboard, which would replace a manual switchboard and eliminate the attendan


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