What is the timeframe for implementation

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In your assigned CLC groups, you will develop a three-tiered RTI model brochure for parents as a resource regarding students struggling with reading that includes the following:

1. Tier 1: Screening and group interventions

2. Tier 2: Targeted interventions

3. Tier 3: Intensive interventions and evaluation

In the brochure, incorporate the following components:

Definition of response to RTI. Why implement the RTI model?

What makes RTI effective?

How should the three intervention tiers of RTI model be utilized? Include an RTI intervention tier flowchart.

Who is involved and what is the focus of each level?

What is the timeframe for implementation?

What sources are available for assisting in the selection of reading interventions?

Can RTI be used to determine eligibility for special education?

Discuss ways to report to and involve parents with RTI.

Include a resource page.

Reference no: EM13929220

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