What is the speed of the ice cube

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An ice cube sliding along the ground at 5 m/s goes off a ramp pointed straight up as shown. Neglecting friction and air resistance, determine the following:

a) Aprroximately what is the macximum height of the ice cube?

b) Approximately what is the speed of the ice cube when it is 0.35 m above the ground?

c) What is the speed of the ice cube when it comes down, just before it hits the ground?

Reference no: EM13245447

Determine magnitude of angular momentum of system

Determine the magnitude of the angular momentum of the system . While the mass is rotating about the peg with angular velocity ω0, it is struck by a hammer that provides a s

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The far point of a nearsighted person is 7.4 m from her eyes, and she wears contacts that enable her to see distant objects obviously. A tree is 14.3 m away and 1.5 m high. (a

Conserve both momentum and mass-energy

An unstable particle by a mass equal to 3.34 10-27 kg is initially at rest. The particle decays into two fragments that fly off by velocities of 0.986c and -0.869c, respective

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Potassium has a work function

Potassium has a work function of 2.21 eV. What is the maximum kinetic energy of electrons escaping from a sample of potassium if photons of frequency 6.00×1014 Hz strike it?

How much would it weigh on jupiter

The weight of an object at the surface of a planet isporportional to the plants mass and inversely porportional to thesquare of the radius of the plane, How much would it we

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Find the point between mars and the sun

Use the data of Table 7.3 to find the point between Mars and the Sun at which an object can be placedso that the net gravitational force exerted by Mars and Sun on this object


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