What is the savings potential and payback
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The company asked you to determine what the energy management opportunities are and what the impact and costs will be if these options were implemented. There are various options that can be implemented in order to reduce the consumption of resources used by the facility as mentioned in section 2. The results of the walk through audit are described in section 2 and the data obtained from personnel are described in section 3.

You need to calculate the following for all the sections mentioned above:

  • Total annual savings in kWh
  • Total annual savings in BWP (Botswana Pulla)
  • Implementation cost
  • Simple payback in years
  • Return on investment

The results of the opportunities that you determined must be supplied in the form of a report. For every proposed opportunity the following must be included:

  • Description of the current situation
  • What is the problem?
  • Why is the problem being experienced?
  • How can the problem be solved?
  • What is the savings potential and payback?

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    ENERGY MANAGEMENT - Read through the attached facility information sheet. Attach all your Excel calculations as an appendix to the energy audit report. Provide the required information at each step. Where necessary, make assumptions, state and motivate it. Do not include VAT in the calculations.

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