What is the project payback period if the initial cost

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An investment project provides cash inflows of 200, 400, 670, 890, 1130, 1040, 880, 740, 530, 200, 110, 30 each year starting in year 1. What is the project payback period if the initial cost is $5,600? this must done in excel.

Reference no: EM131088047

Using the internal rate of return-after-tax cash inflows

A company is using the internal rate of return (IRR) when evaluating projects. You have to find the IRR for the company's project. The initial outlay for the project is $450,0

Bond valuation

Bond X is noncallable and has 20 years to maturity, a 9% annual coupon, and a $1,000 par value. Your required return on Bond X is 10%; if you buy it, you plan to hold it for 5

Break-even analysis-what is the firms gain or loss

Break-Even Analysis- The Weaver Watch Company sells watches for $25, fixed costs are $140,000 and variables costs are $15 per watch. What is the firm`s gain or loss at sales o

Cost-saving proposal is somewhat riskier than usual project

Hankins, Inc., is considering a project that will result in initial aftertax cash savings of $5.5 million at the end of the first year, and these savings will grow at a rate o

Allowed credit period-average days late

Harper Corp.'s sales last year were $330,000, and its year-end receivables were $42,500. Harper sells on terms that call for customers to pay 30 days after the purchase, but m

Price the earlier call option with a higher volatility

Price the earlier call option with a higher volatility. - That is, price a call with a stock price of $80, a strike price of $75, 3 months to maturity, a 5% risk-free rate o

Find the price Y of the two year zero coupon bonds

A one year zero coupon bonds have a price of 90.00. A two year zero coupon bond has a price of Y. A three year zero coupon bond has a price of 81.22. A three year 10% annual c

Do an analysis of the companys short term activity ratios

As a first step, you perform a liquidity analysis. You then do an analysis of the company's short-term activity ratios. Your calculations and appropriate industry norms are


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