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BlueBolt Bottlers has a bottle-filling process with a mean value of 64 ounces and a standard deviation of 8 ounces. Suppose that the upper and lower tolerance limits are 71 and 57 ounces, respectively. a) What is the process capability ratio? b) What would the standard deviation have to be in order for the process to meet the tolerance limits 99.7% of the time?

Reference no: EM13902961

Value in creating a well-defined scope baseline

This week we are looking at how a project is developed. One of the most important aspect of creating the overall project plan is obtaining the correct scope baseline. After th

Formulate this problem as linear programming

A carpenter makes tables and chairs. Each table can be sold at the price of $100 and each chair at the price of $40. The carpenter works a maximum of 40 hours per week and spe

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Is it possible to discuss things like fairness and justice in a way that is non-partisan? That is, can we talk about, say, distribution of wealth and opportunity, without repr

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What are the two key questions your cover letter should answer? In 25 words or less, please explain how your cover letter answers those questions. Then, illustrate with specif

Evaluate the concept of administrative liaison officer

The human resource department was created by a governor of one of the fifty states. The reorganization consolidated 19 separate units into The Bureau for Administration and Op

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Would you Google an applicant that you are going to hire and what would you do if you came across negative information about an applicant who looked very promising in the inte

Speaks about the future and mentioned

Todd McFarlane speaks about the future and mentioned that if he had to sell off his sculptures and other art-related products and open a large special-effects house and that m

Good illustration of defamation

Which of the following is a good illustration of defamation. Explain your answer. a. Joe wrote a letter to Joan falsely stating that he had seen her steal money while at work.


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