What is the probability that the cycle time will exceed

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A cement truck delivers mixed cement to a large construction site. Let X represent the cycle time in minutes for the truck to leave the construction site, go back to the cement plant, fill up, and return to the construction site with another load of cement. From past experiences, it is known that the mean cycle time is 41 minutes with a standard deviation of 13 minutes and that cycle times are normally distributed. What is the probability that the cycle time will exceed 48 minutes, given that it has exceeded 39 minutes?

Reference no: EM131429387

Find the probability that their mean weight is greater

If 16 newborn babies are randomly selected, find the probability that their mean weight is greater than 3700 g. If 49 newborn babies are randomly selected, find the probabil

Identify probability of sample mean of number of pledges

BUS105e - Provide an executive summary of your analysis and findings to Mr. Owen Shaw with respect to pawn broking operations in Singapore and business prospects - Identify

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Consider repair cost for Car A and Car B. The mean repair cost for each is $500 per year. Which statistics about repair cost may play into your decision to purchase one of t

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Micro-Apple is a manufacturer of personal computers. It currently manufactures a single model-the MacinDOS-on an assembly line at a steady rate of 500 per week. MicroApple o

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Phil Green, the CEO of Emblem Hotels, was wondering how to differentiate among three different types of accommodations offered under the Emblem flag in order to attract the

Find test statistic for brand

The actual proportion of doctors is less than 90%, a random sample of 100 doctors resulted in 85 who recommended brand Z. The test statistic is approximately?

Median incomes of the two subscriber groups

Assume a sample of 300 subscribers to The Wall Street Journal found 165 subscribers with an income over $131,000 and 135 subscribers with an income under $131,000. Can you c

Ratio-to-size estimate of the population total

Using the data of Exercise 1 and assuming simple random sampling, (a) give the ratio-to-size estimate of the population total and (b) estimate the variance of that estimator


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