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In dogs there are three autosomal, independently assorting allelic pairs with the following genotype-phenotype relationships:

B,b Codominance; BB = black, Bb = spotted (black & tan), bb = tan
G,g G (grey eyes) completely dominant to g (yellow eyes)
L,l Incomplete dominance; LL = normal liver, Ll = diseased liver, ll = no liver (lethal)

In addition, the L,l allelic pair is subject to abnormal transmission ratios in males only, such that heterozygous males transmit 70% l-bearing sperm and 30% L-bearing sperm.

A. In the cross of a female BbGgLL to a male BbGGLl, what proportion of the black, grey-eyed, normal-livered progeny will be homozygous for all three genes?

B. Of the living progeny of the following cross, what is the probability of obtaining a spotted, grey-eyed, normal-livered puppy?

Reference no: EM13145343

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