What is the price of a call option with same strike price

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A put option is currently selling for $5.70. It has a strike price of $50 and seven months to maturity. The current stock price is $57. The risk-free rate is 4.6 percent, and the stock will pay a $2.70 dividend in two months. What is the price of a call option with the same strike price?

Reference no: EM13872743

How much to pay at the end of each month in both options

A car cost $45000 inclusive of gst. Option:1 Fully Amortizing loan with 10.25% per annum fixed. Option: 2 Interest are pre computed at 10.25% per annum. Loan term for both opt

What is the initial monthly payment and fully indexed rate

A borrower is considering a 1-year adjustable rate mortgage of $250,000 that starts at 2.5%, 30 year amortization. The margin is 2.25%. The annual change caps are 2% per year.

What are the two components of total return for a bond

Suppose the market for lending is risk-free and perfectly efficient. Use an arbitrage argument to show there can only be one market interest rate. What are the two components

Decide to deposit equal annual contribution to college fund

A child is born this year. On it's first birthday [after 1 year], the parents decide to deposit an equal annual contribution to the college fund that will earn 8%, compounded

What is the firms net profit margin

A firm had net income of $100,000, taxes of $25,000 interest expenses of $10,000, cash of $15,000, depreciation of $12,000, and selling and administrative expenses of $120,000

Farmers sometimes store their grain and wait to sell

Farmers sometimes store their grain and wait to sell at a later date if they think market prices will increase. If they are accurate in their forecasts, this can be a profitab

NPV of the managers ability to grow through acquisition

Suppose a company has organic growth of 10% that doesn’t require investment. Current dividend is $4 and discount rate is 15%. If the share price is $200, what is the NPV of th

What is the initial expected NPV with this plan

Suppose a 25mm new venture has a 50% chance of success or failure. Success is 10mm per year perpetual earnings and failure is 8mm per year perpetual losses. The discount rate


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