What is the present value of this cash flow stream

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A report from the marketing department indicates that a new product will generate the following revenue stream: $62,500 in the first year, $89,400 in year two, $136,200 in year three, $128,300 in year four, and $112,000 in year five. If your firm's discount rate is 11% and the cash flows are received at the end of each year, what is the present value of this cash flow stream?

Reference no: EM13765413

Treasury bill rate-the market risk premium is estimated

The common stock of Buildwell Conservation & Construction, Inc., has a beta of .95. The Treasury bill rate is 6%, and the market risk premium is estimated at 10%. BCCI’s capit

Compute his likely cash balance or deficit for end of year

Eli Lily is very excited because sales for his nursery and Plant Company are expected to double from $600,000 to $1,200,000 next year. Eli notes that net assets (assets-liabil

Compute net annual financing cost of factoring ararrangemet

DuBois can borrow funds from the factor at 3 percentage points over the prime rate (currently 9 percent). Determine the net annual financing cost of this factoring arrangeme

Working capital will revert back to normal at end of project

Your firm is contemplating the purchase of a new $660,000 computer-based order entry system. The system will be depreciated straight-line to zero over its six-year life. It wi

Uses cumulative voting

After successfully completing your corporate finance class, you feel the next challenge ahead is to serve on the board of directors of Schenkel Enterprises. Unfortunately, you

Calculate operating and total cash flows

You are hired to see if a new project is worthwhile or not in a 5 year period. This company is considering the sale of a new product representing an increase in sales of .24%

Portfolio for risk-averse person and for risk-loving person

If you have some money to invest and there are a risk-free asset and several risky assets for you to pick up, how many preferable portfolios could you construct? Can you provi

Assume the projected costs and benefits

Perform a financial analysis for a project XY. Assume the projected costs and benefits for this project are spread over four years as follows: Estimated costs are $400,000 in


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