What is the present value of the payments

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Suppose you are going to receive $13,500 per year for five years. The appropriate inerest rate is 8.4 percent.

What is the present value of the payments if they are in the form of an ordinary annuity and what is the present value if the payments are an annuity due?

Reference no: EM13846206

Yield expressed with semi-annual compounding

The six month and one-year rates are 3% and 4% per annum with semi-annual compounding. Is 3.90% or 3.95% or 3.99% closest to the one-year par yield expressed with semi-annual

What is the new divisor for the price-weighted index

Able, Baker, and Charlie are the only three stocks in an index. The stocks sell for $36, $312, and $82, respectively. If Baker undergoes a 3-for-2 stock split, what is the new

What is the earnings per share for the company

Assume a stock selling for $45.01 has a dividend yield of 2.1 percent and a PE ratio of 20.4. What is the earnings per share (EPS) for the company? (Round your answer to 2 dec

Rather than investing in long-lived assets

During periods of high inflation, U.S. firms have strong incentives to purchase short-lived assets and frequently replace them, rather than investing in long-lived assets. Tru

Calculate variances and standard deviations

The rate of return on Cherry Jalopies, Inc., stock over the last five years was 23 percent, 11 percent, -5 percent, 7 percent, and 10 percent. Over the same period, the return

What is your annualized return on this investment

Suppose you buy stock at a price of $66 per share. Five months later, you sell it for $70. You also received a dividend of $.54 per share. What is your annualized return on th

What is the maximum number of shares-initial margin

Carson Corporation stock sells for $77 per share, and you've decided to purchase as many shares as you possibly can. You have $43,000 available to invest. What is the maximum

Seniority-based pay system or a merit-based pay system

Assume you work for an old established company with a traditionally based pay system. Would you rather have a seniority-based pay system or a merit-based pay system and explai


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