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A circuit dissipates 100 W (average power) at 150 V (effective input voltage) and 2 A (effective input current). What is the power factor? Repeat if the power is 0 W; 300 W.

Reference no: EM131269114

How are these ideas supported in the analects

In a manner similar to the agnosticism of the Buddha, Confucius remains unconcerned with metaphysical/spiritual concerns. Is this point of view useful, or is it defective i

What is affirmative action as a social policy

What is Affirmative Action as a social policy? What were the goals of Affirmative Action? Has it been successful? What are the basic arguments for Affirmative Action and wha

Discuss about sociological perspectives like functionalism

Select one of the sociological perspectives: functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism. Interpret the social problem/issue from this perspective. Your interpre

If you could walk into the studio of leonardo da vinci

If you could walk into the studio of Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo or Raphael and observe the artist at work, which artist would you choose, what two things you would ask

Identify a thing or a practice considered beautiful

For this essay, identify a thing or a practice considered beautiful (or ugly/repulsive) by your society and summarize its alleged virtues (or flaws) as clearly and fairly as

Calculate safety factor and the reliability of the system

Calculate the load and resistance factors for a reliability of 99% when the strength has a mean value of 65.4 MPa and COV 22%; the stress has a mean value 32.7 MPA and COV 1

Choose an element of popular culture

Choose an element of popular culture (this could be a film that you enjoy, a television show, a novel, the album from a band you love, etc). You want you to describe, to me,

Build a logical argument that supports your statement

Demonstrate original thinking about a topic pertaining to changing concepts of learning and human development. This is a unique opportunity to investigate and write about a


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