What is the operating cash flow and cash flow to creditors

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Weiland Co. shows the following information on its 2014 income statement: sales = $162,500; costs = $80,000; other expenses = $3,300; depreciation expense = $9,000; interest expense = $6,500; taxes = $22,295; dividends = $8,150. In addition, you're told that the firm issued $4,500 in new equity during 2014, and redeemed $7,700 in outstanding long-term debt.

1. What is the operating cash flow during 2014?

2. What is the cash flow to creditors during 2014?

3. What is the cash flow to stockholders during 2014?

4. Assuming net fixed assets increased by $21,200 during the year, what was the addition to NWC?

Reference no: EM13847498

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