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Firm Z is evaluating a proposal to extend credit to a group of new customers. The new customers will generate an average of $90,000 per day in new sales. On average, they will pay in 30 days. The variable cost ratio (i.e., COGS) is 80% of sales, collection expenses are 5% of sales, and the discount rate is 8%. Assume that the variable cost occur upfront while collection cost occur on the date in which the customer's payment is received. What is the NPV of one day's sales if Firm C grants credit.Assume there is no bad debt loss.

Reference no: EM132233623

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Chemical manufacturer

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Which of the following terms refers to a procedure commonly used during layoffs, in which employees with greater seniority whose jobs are eliminated displace employees with

Analysis on wal-mart

Wal-Mart is the largest corporation in the world, and it has obviously enjoyed tremendous success. But while many welcome its location in their communities, others do not.

Ethical scales in situation

In the situation described above, is the firm acting unethically in any way and should motive or conduct carry greater weight on the ethical scales in this situation?


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