What is the name of repetitive element

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Repetitive DNA sequences are present in ~1,200,000 copies in the human genome and show dispersed organization. What is the name of this repetitive element?

Reference no: EM132280002

Select a developmental theory

Scenario: Jake is a 15-year-old high school sophomore who has earned high grades every semester since middle school. He plays on the varsity baseball team and is well liked by

Transpiration-cohesion and adhesion

How do transpiration, cohesion and adhesion all work together to provide the forces necessary to overcome gravity to transport water from the roots to the leaves without exp

Key factors that influence respiratory rate

Key factors which influence respiratory rate and depth are such as talking or coughing, (such as, sometimes we try to breath at a several pace to relax)

Find the magnitude of the average emf induced

A technician wearing a circular metal band on his wrist moves his hand (from a region where the magnetic field is zero) into a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 1.8 T in a

Cardiac cycle beginning with atrial systole

Explain the cardiac cycle beginning with atrial systole. Include what happens during all of the steps, including atrial systole and diastole, and ventricular systole and diast

Hierarchical classification system

This week's lab activities pertain to taxonomy and classification. For this week's discussion, I would like for you to try to recognize an example in your every day life or wo

Glacial-inter glacialfluctuations in ice volume

How do oceanographers use the sediment record toreveal information about the evolution of life in the surfacewaters, the chemistry of seawater, and glacial-interglacialfluctua

Plasmids are generally circular pieces of rna

Plasmids, which are associated with membrane proteins, depend on bacterial chromosomal DNA for replication. If the genome contains ~30,000 genes, about how many genes would be


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