What is the most you would pay for the technology

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You are the manager of a firm in a market where the demand is P = 50 − Q. You have only one rival, and both you and your rival face a production cost of $2 per unit. As it stands, you would both choose your output simultaneously. But you have the opportunity to invest in a new technology that would allow you to become the first mover. What is the most you would pay for the technology?

Reference no: EM131006523

Affect the consumer price index

In October 2011, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S, which had new features, including camera and voice control, but sold at the same price as the previous iPhone model. How did t

Assume the reserve ratio

Show a T-account for a bank when you make a deposit of $2000 into your checking account. Assume the reserve ratio is 20%. If the lending process continues as far as it can pos

Does the goldfinger plan make any sense

The james bond movie for 1964 was goldfinger. The plot was quite simple: gold tycoon Auric Goldfinger tried to detonate an atomic bomb inside the U.S. Bullion Depository in Fo

What is the present worth of total revenue at interest rate

A major electronics manufacturer expects to generate additional revenue from its recently won government contract. The company forecasts that the revenue will be $190 million

The real interest rate affect the cost of your car loan

How will the real interest rate affect the cost of your car loan? Let’s assume that the old clunker you have been driving needs $500 in repairs in order to pass an annual car

Grows and sells cotton in perfectly competitive industry

Suppose Farmer Lane grows and sells cotton in a perfectly competitive industry. The market price of cotton is $1.60 per kilogram, and his marginal cost of production is $1.54

What is the relative wage rate

An American is considering relocating their Oregon facility to Nicaragua. The current exchange rate is 1 U.S. dollar (USD) to 25 Nicaragua Cordobas (NIO). The current wage rat

Despite earning higher wage than those that are native born

Using a labor market graph and a few well chosen sentences a situation in which athletes that immigrate to the United States may be discriminated against, despite earning a hi


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