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1) What is the most accurate description of the relative importance of hunting versus gathering in foraging societies in terms of nutrition? In terms of place in society?

2) Larger societies include groups whose organization can be categorized as bands, tribes, chiefdoms, and states. What type of organizational structure would you argue that the Hutterites fall under? Please explain your reasoning.

3) What kinds of evidence have been examined to try to determine the time of origin of modern human language? What answer to this question do these suggest?

4) The number of recognized supernatural beings differs among cultures. To what major aspect of culture is this number related? Give examples.

Reference no: EM13661626

Goals of contemporary criminal sentencing

Describe the five goals of contemporary criminal sentencing. Which of these goals do you think ought to be the primary goal of sentencing? How might your choice vary with the

Evaluate the use of various types of reinforcement

Evaluate the use of various types of reinforcement in the chosen setting. Create a 3 to 4-slide presentation for each, including detailed speaker notes, that displays your fi

Compare the two systems to asses their relative value

Another system lists five aspects of culture, religion, social organiziation, language technology and values and the other system is physical environment, level of technology,

What is a confined space

What is a confined space? What are the legal provisions governing work in a confined space under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005. Describe the safety measures

Explain to the adult the purpose of your observation

Explain to the adult (parent or caregiver) the purpose of your observation and how the information you gather will be used. Get permission to tape-record the child's interac

What seems to be working well in the culture

What seems to be working well in the culture and in the church in addressing some of these concerns? What ideas do you have to improve what is being offered, specifically th

What is the word modern mean

What's the word "modern" mean? (You can look up "modern" in Wikipedia for ideas, but I want you to generate your own explanation of the term, not copy one from the internet)

Significant financial losses due to fradulent activities

The United States healthcare system has suffered significant financial losses due to fradulent activities. Why has this occured?  And, how can the problem be solved? Please li


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