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Article: "Us and Them: Intergroup Failures of Empathy" By M. Cikara, E. Bruneau, & R. Saxe

Remember: You do not have to answer all of these questions in your summary and application essays. An understanding of these focus questions will help you synthesize your responses to the essay questions in the quiz.

As you read the Cikara, Bruneau,  Saxe article and write your summary consider:

• What is the main point of the article?

• According to the authors, how does inAgroup versus outAgroup status affect empathy? How does it affect schadenfreude?

• How do differences in historical power and status play a role in empathy and helping behaviors?

• What interventions to reduce prejudice and conflict and increase empathy do authors describe? What are some potential problems with these interventions?

As you read the Cikara, Bruneau,   Saxe article and write your application consider:

• The authors briefly review the neurobiological basis for empathy and schadenfreude. Based on what you learned in Chapter 4: The Biological Mind: The Physical Basis of Behavior, how might the brain regions and structures mentioned in this article be involved in empathy (be specific)? What other parts of the brain and/or nervous system would you expect to play a role (and why)?

• You learned about how pain is processed in Chapter 5: The Perceiving Mind: Sensation and Perception. How does this inform your understanding of the neurological aspects of empathy discussed in this article?

• What other aspects of this article remind you of topics addressed (or to be addressed) in this class?

Reference no: EM13874265

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