What is the magnitude of the angular momentum
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Q. A sanding disk with rotational inertia 8.7 x 10-3 kg·m2 is attached to an electric drill whose motor delivers a torque of magnitude 46 N·m about the central axis of the disk. About that axis and with torque applied for 78 ms, what is the magnitude of the (a) angular momentum and (b) angular velocity of the disk?

Q. The resolution of the eye is ultimately limited by the pupil diameter. What is the smallest diameter spot the eye can produce on the retina if the pupil diameter is 3.46 mm? Assume light with a wavelength of = 550 nm. (Note: The distance from the pupil to the retina is 25.4 mm. In addition, the space between the pupil and the retina is filled with a fluid whose index of refraction is n = 1.336.)

2)A thin layer of magnesium fluoride (n = 1.38) is used to coat a flint-glass lens (n = 1.61). What minimum thickness should the magnesium fluoride film have if the reflection of 669 nm light is to be suppressed? Assume that the light is incident at right angles to the film

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