What is the largest value that can be represented

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A designer wants to represent all decimal numbers from 0 to 33. How many bits are needed? What are the binary representations for 0, 7, IS, 31 and 33? What is the largest value that can be represented?

Reference no: EM131227008

Determine what is the order of the approximation

a) what is the order of this approximation b) Suppose |f(x) - g(x)| 0 is as large as possible what is μ

Determine the phase a current ia using fourier techniques

Phase current - Neutral Grounded Assume that the load is star connected with the neutral grounded. Each phase has a series RL load with R = 5 ohms and L = 20 mH. Calculate a

Determine the ionospheric zenith delay from dual-frequency

Determine the ionospheric zenith delay from dual-frequency measurement over a 24-hour period and observe the variabilty as afunction of local time. use the data set: the sol

What function does this circuits performs

Problem: As you know, diodes allow current to flow in one direction but not the other. Sketch a current vs. time plots for the points A, B, and output C of the following cir

Show how to implement this generator using sequential logic

You are to design a Gray code sequence generator.The 4-bit Gray-code sequence is defined as follows: 0000, 0001,0011, 0010, 0110, 0111, 0101, 0100, 1100, 1101, 1111, 1110, 1

Find the value of power gain in db of an amplifier

An amplifier with a voltage gain of +40 dB, an input resistance of 10 kO, and an output resistance of 1 kO is used to drive a 1-kO load. What is the value of Avo Find the valu

Derive a circuit using d flip-flops to generate clock signal

Given a 100-MHz clock signal, derive a circuit using D flip-flops to generate 50-MHz and 25-MHz clock signals. Draw a timing diagram for all three clock signals, assuming r

Design aresistance circuit to accomplish the measurements

A (0-10A) range ammeter has an internal resistance of 0.0002Ohms. It is necessary to use this meter for measuring a currentwhich is likely to be in the range of (0-70A) Ampe


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