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Type your answers under the questions. Please know that the more points a question is worth, the more in-depth your answer should be. Legal questions are usually more complicated than just "yes" or "no" or a simple answer. Show me how you got to your conclusion. If a question is worth 10 points and you only answer "no", then you will likely earn only 1-2 points for an incomplete answer.

1. What is the International Labor Organization and what are some of its duties?

2. Multiple Choice: The pacts or agreements between states or nations in the nature of a treaty are considered as:

a. protocols

b. conventions

c. treatises

d. conventions

3. True or False: The Alien Tort Statute is likely to have a high impact upon the way U.S. Corporations deal with their overseas employees.



4. Multiple Choice: What was the issue in Sarei v. Rio Tinto?

a. Should the plaintiffs be required to exhaust their other available remedies before being permitted to sue in a U.S. court under the Alien Tort Statute?

b. Why didn't the plaintiffs seek to secure justice in their own countries?

c. Is the Legal Arizona Workers Act preempted by federal immigration law?

d. When are invasions of privacy intentional?

5. Multiple Choice: The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the largest investigative branch of the department of:

a. U.S Department of Justice

b. Federal Bureau of Investigation

c. Department of Homeland Security

d. U.S. Department of Labor

6. When can variance be sought under OSHA? What are the types of variances and what would an employer have to show under each type for the variance to be granted?

7. True or False: employees can exercise their right to refuse to work for an employer when there is a dangerous working condition without the fear of reprisal?



8. True or False: The Occupational Safety and Health Act allows the employer and a representative authorized by the employees to accompany the inspector during physical inspection of the work site.



9. What two things can happen when an OSHA inspection leads to the discovery of a violation of a standard under the act?

10. Multiple Choice: ________ and ________ are the two main disqualifications to claim unemployment compensation for an out-of-work worker.

a. Willful misconduct; voluntary quitting

b. Discrimination; hostile environment

c. Negligence; willful misconduct

d. Felony; wrongful discharge

11. When is a worker eligible for workers compensation?

12. What are the three major categories of social security benefits and briefly define each.

13. True or False: ERISA does not apply to employee benefit plans that are established by federal, state, or local government employers.



14. True or False: All employees are entitled to overtime pay once they work more than 40 hours a week.



15. Multiple Choice: Under the Fair Labor Standards Act provisions for minimum wage and overtime requirement, executives, administrators, professionals, and outside salespeople are examples of:

a. ad-hoc employees.

b. marginal employees.

c. de facto employees.

d. exempt employees

16. What types of child labor are prohibited under the FLSA?

17. What remedies can an employee seek under the Fair Labor Standards Act? Explain your answer fully.

Reference no: EM131409404

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