What is the initial momentum of the system
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Two balls collide. The diagram below shows the initial and final velocities of the balls.

In this case:

m1 = 1.80 kg
m2 = 2.17 kg
u1 = 4.97 ms-1
u2 = -2.59 ms-1
v1 = -1.45 ms-1
v2 = ?

1. What is the initial momentum of the system? ? kgms-1 (Note: if it is to the left enter a negative answer)

2.What is the final velocity of ball 2? ? ms-1 to the right (enter a negative number if it is to the left)

3. If the collision lasts for 0.113 s what is the impulse felt by ball 1? ? Ns (right is positive, left is negative)

4. What average force is experienced by ball 1 during the collision? ?N (right is positive, left is negative)

5.Select any of the comments below that are correct (there may be more than one correct answer).

Select one or more:

a. Ball 1 and ball 2 experience identical forces.

b. The forces experienced by ball 1 and ball 2 have the same magnitude.

c. Momentum is conserved so this is an elastic collision.

d. Kinetic energy is not conserved in this collision so this is an inelastic collision.

e. Kinetic energy is conserved in this collision so the collision is elastic.


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