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1. Create a subsequent progress report that contains informative sections regarding the status your proposal.

Use the progress report layout on BWC page 148, to advise on your progress regarding work involved with this proposal. Discuss progress achieved, and steps that remain to be taken in research areas, interview with a subject matter expert (SME), calculating costs, difficulties, etc.

The paragraphs should be well thought out, informative, and organized. Remember, plans are often altered, based on this information, e.g., over/under budget, recruiting staff, time frames, room rentals, etc.

Create a unifying factor (graphic or text), within the letterhead top or bottom area of your progress report, as discussed in the text, that will carry over to other parts of this project. (See BWC, page 148, for example, 128 as an alternate.) You may want to use the same graphic as your billboard or report cover page.

If you are addressing it to your decision maker or board members , create fictitious information for their address, as well as your own.

2. What is the importance of submitting activity or progress reports that inform others of the status of key elements involved in a project? Why is it important to follow the same content and structure format for subsequent reports? Relate an element from your own progress report as an example.

Reference no: EM13858512

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