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A cylinder with a movable piston is filled at 24oC with a gas that occupies 36.2cm3. If the maximum capacity of the cylinder is 65.2cm3, what is the highest temperature to which the cylinder can be heated at constant pressure without having the piston come out?

Reference no: EM13155329

What is your personal view regarding initiating projects

What is your personal view regarding initiating projects? What are the most important steps that in your experience should always be followed? Need a minimum of 300 words

A concept of natural selection explain variations in species

What lands and observations inspired Darwin to develop his theory of evolution? How does the concept of natural selection explain variations in species descended from a common

The most accurate phylogenetic code is that of linnaeus

Dozens of potato varieties exist, differing from each other in potato-tuber size, skin colour, flesh colour, and shape. One might construct a classification of potatoes based

Some closely resemble animals that lack cell walls

Though plants, fungi, and prokaryotes all have cell walls, we classify them under different taxonomic units. Which of the observations below comes closest to explaining the ba

Explain how proteins in steak can be utilized

Explain how the hydrolysis and condensation reaction are vital to the human body? a) Explain how the carbohydrates like the starch can be utilized by muscle cells for energy

An investigator purified a protein from e.coli.

An investigator purified a protein (protein X) from E.Coli. Sheinjected protein X into rabbits to generate antibodies thatrecognize and bind to protein X. Using an electroph

Neuron and communication between neurons

Topics are communication within a neuron and communication between neurons Please explain the process of an action potential including the key terms such as depolarization,

Vesicles bud from eukaryotic plasma membrane fragments

In a nondividing cell such as a liver cell, why must the flow of membrane between compartments be balanced, so that the retrieval pathways match the outward flow? Would you


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