What is the group of these cells called

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Scientists isolate cells in various phases of the cell cycle. They find a group of cells that have 11/2 times more DNA that do G1 phase cells. What is the group of these cells called.

Reference no: EM131437356

Describe the process of genetic recombination

Describe the process of genetic recombination in respect to the manner by which a vast diversity of antibody specificities is produced by a relatively small number of genes.

Explain the hardy-weinberg equilibrium

A hippopopulation has a locus with 2 alleles, one fast swimmer and the other slow swimmer, If the population is in Hardy-Weinbergequilibrium, what is the frequency of the hete

Differences between a reductional and equationaldivision

What are the differences between a reductional and equationaldivision. The amount of DNA in a human nucleus upon completion of mitosis is approx. 7pg. How much DNA would be fo

Why is this treatment option the best

What medical specialist would most likely treat this disease/condition? If you or a member of your family had this disease/condition, which treatment option would you choose

Electrons to the electron transport chain

1. What molecules move electrons to the electron transport chain? list them in their high energy form. 2. How does the cell make ATP from the electron transport chain? Briefly

Function in aninformational capacity

21.  rRNAs __________.      a.  function in aninformational capacity.      b.  are adapted torecognize and bind other molecules

Enzyme-linked antibody to detect and antigen

ELISA uses an enzyme-linked antibody to detect and antigen. Briefly explain how use of the enzyme is ELISA could amplify the detection of a very small amount of antigen in a

The counter or hot to the touch

Since a doughnut contains a large quantity of energy that can become available for our metabolism when eaten, why isn't the doughnut "jumping" all over the counter or hot


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