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1) How does the number of RNA polymerases found in prokaryotes compare with that found in eukaryotes?
a) Both prokaryotes and eukaryotes have one RNA polymerase.
b) Prokaryotes have one type of RNA polymerase and eukaryotes have several.
c) Both prokaryotes and eukaryotes have four types of RNA polymerases.
d) Both use the same number of RNA polymerases
e) None of these is the correct answer.

2) Analysis of the structures of RNA polymerases from the three domains of life indicates that the _______ and eukaryotic enzymes are more similar in structure to one another than are the ________ and _________ enzymes.
a) archael, mammalian, eukaryotic d) archaeal, bacterial, eukaryotic
b) bacterial, bacterial, archaeal e) bacterial, eukaryotic, bacterial
c) bacterial, archaeal, eukaryotic

3) What word below best describes the primary transcript?
a) long-lived b) permissive c) moderate d) short-lived e) stable

4) What is the function of the nucleoli?
a) production of nuclear proteins d) Production of smooth endoplasmic reticulum
b) production of ribosomes e) Neither of these is correct.
c) Both of these are correct

5) What is the average number of adenosine residues added to the end of an mRNA to build the poly(A) tail?
a) about 25 b) about 2500 c) about 750 d) about 250 e) 7-10.

Reference no: EM13746089

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