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Actual demands for the last four months are as follows. Month Demand March 6 April 8 May 10 June 8 what is the forecast value (model generated value) for May and June using exponential smoothing with Alpha = 0.2? Assume actual and forecast values for March are same. Show work.

Reference no: EM13993440

Company is reducing the workforce

Your company is reducing the workforce, and you must dismiss one of your engineers. you have narrowed your choices to T,J., an older employee who has been coasting for years,

Strategic issues and problem warrant front burner attention

Why is it important to understand the 5 sources of revenue as part of the internal analysis? Lastly, as a business leader, you will have to determine what strategic issues and

Conduct an internal strategic management audit

Explain how you would conduct an internal strategic management audit and competitive strength assessment. As a business leader, explain how you would organize a strategic inte

Four tests of a resources compeititve power

Using your firm (or a firm that you familiar with), select a significant company resource (such as engineering capability, or supply chain, or customer service) and apply the

Leader uses a different style of leadership

If a leader uses a different style of leadership with each of his followers, how might that lead to perceptions of favoritism? What could a leader do to avoid such impressions

Every organization adheres to certain cultural values

Our main topic for this week is corporate culture. Every organization adheres to certain cultural values. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes not. Frankly, some values are g

Considering the dangers of a full-blown crisis state

Considering the “dangers” of a full-blown crisis state, why is it important to understand the commonalities and differences between crisis intervention and psychotherapy, espe

Red zuma project-project management-the managerial process

Red Zuma Project: Project management- the managerial process 6th edition I need help with this I am really lost can be found in pages 646-651 could you make this where I can c


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