What is the firm cash coverage ratio

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A firm has EBIT of $350,000 and depreciation expense of $24,000. Fixed charges total $44,000. Interest expense totals $7,000. What is the firm's cash coverage ratio?

Reference no: EM132281254

The same in the natural sciences as in economics

The notion of sustainability is not the same in the natural sciences as in economics. In the natural sciences, sustainability frequently means maintaining a constant physical

Consider two competitive consumers who have same endowment

Consider two competitive consumers who have the same endowment, with positive current income plotted on the horizontal axis and positive future income on the vertical axis. Ea

Categories of proprietorships-partnerships

The division of US businesses in the categories of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations is based on 1) generally accepted accounting principles 2) legal considerati

Calculate the required annual deposit

A father decides to establish a savings account for his child’s college education on the day his baby is born. Any money put into the account will earn an interest rate of 8%

Define three types of elasticity of demand

Define three types of elasticity of demand. Indicate how you would use information from recent research paid by your company that the own price elasticity of your product is -

What would this do to effective rate of protection

If extension of provisions is made to final goods but not to intermediate goods, what would this do to effective rate of protection (ERP) for country provided by its tariff

Determining the stabilization policy

If households decide to save a larger portion of their income, what effect would this have on the output, employment, and price level in the short run? What about the long r

What is the equivalent value of series at beginning

Consider a series of end-of-period CFs spanning 2046-2053, which increase at a 1% rate each period. The amount of the first CF in the series is $92. The interest rate is 3%. W


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