What is the expected return of a stock with a beta

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What is the expected return of a stock with a beta of 1.3, if the risk free rate is 4%, and the market risk premium is 7%?

If over the course of the year the actual market return was 12%, and the firm’s employees went on strike causing a price drop of 3%, what was the firm’s actual return?

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Reference no: EM131319032

Find the duration of the plan obligations

A pension plan is obligated to make disbursements of $2.7 million, $3.7 million, and $2.7 million at the end of each of the next three years, respectively. Find the duration o

What is the required rate of return of this portfolio

Dalia’s Biomedical Supplies has a stock with a beta of .85 and an expected return of 10%. Assume that short-term US treasury bills are currently earning 3% and the market risk

Enough funds for retirement

Suppose you wish to retire 35years from today. You estimate, you need P100,000 per year once you retire, with the first retirement funds withdrawn one year from the day you re

Hedge the risk of portfolio by short-selling treasury bonds

A manager is holding a $1.4 million bond portfolio with a modified duration of 7 years. She would like to hedge the risk of the portfolio by short-selling Treasury bonds. The

Zero coupon bond-what was your total return for past year

You purchased a zero coupon bond one year ago for $173.85. The market interest rate is now 9 percent. If the bond had 20 years to maturity when you originally purchased it, wh

Property held as a personal residence cannot be depreciated

If an individual actively participates in the management of a rental property, he may deduct the full amount of the passive activity losses from active income, regardless of h

Firm has the book-value balance sheet

A firm has the following book-value balance sheet; Debt =$ 5 ,000, Common Stock ($1 par)= 556 and Retained Earnings = $ 27 ,000. The book value of assets is the total of Debt,

Explanations of the major differences in ratios and trends

Discuss the ratio trends of bank of America (stock companies )and compare/contrast these trends with those of another company. Provide explanations of the major differences in


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