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You are considering buying a 100 shares of WalMart stock. In any given week, the stock can either increase in value by 3.8% or decrease in value by 2.2%. The probability that the stock increases is 0.63; otherwise, the stock decreases in price. How the stock performs in any given week is independent of how it has performed in the past. What is the expected return in a randomly chosen week?

Reference no: EM131188744

What is the present value of the car payments

The car dealership offers you no money down on a new car. You may pay for the car in 6 equal annual end-of-the year payments of $7,648 each with the first payments to be made

Stream of cash flows-cash flow at the end of the first year

stream of cash flows. Cash flow at the end of the first year will be $9,000, and cash flows in future years are expected to grow indefinitely at an annual rate of 4%. If the d

Stock valuation debate the current price of the stock

Using the stock valuation debate the current price of the stock and discuss what you think the stock price should be. What are the limitations of the stock valuation technique

What is the addition to retained earnings

Shelton, Inc., has sales of $405,000, costs of $193,000, depreciation expense of $58,000, interest expense of $39,000, and a tax rate of 40 percent. What is the net income for

What amount of income tax expense

Standish Company began the year with a balance in its Income Taxes Payable account of $5,000. The year-end balance in the account was $18,000. The company uses the indirect me

To pay for her college education

To pay for her college education, Gina is saving $2,000 at the beginning of each year for the next eight years in a bank account paying 12 percent interest. How much will Gina

What is the value of the stock today

Could I Industries just paid a dividend of $1.45 per share. The dividends are expected to grow at a 17 percent rate for the next 5 years and then level off to a 5 percent grow

Calculate the best-case and worst-case NPV figures

We are evaluating a project that costs $1,160,000, has a five-year life, and has no salvage value. Assume that depreciation is straight-line to zero over the life of the proje


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